Our Apostolate


Offering ourselves completely to God in our way of life, we commit ourselves to follow Christ who consecrates Himself to fulfil the work of salvation trusted to Him by the Father.  In the Church’s name and for the service of the Kingdom, we carry out the activities of human promotion and evangelisation, according to the spirit of our founders.  In seeing the living image in all those who we meet and serve, we treat them with the living faith and great love.

The education of children and youth so much promoted by our founders is one of the specific apostolic activities of our Province. We take this mission with commitment, in schools, catechism, music lessons, art and other forms, with particular reference to the poor and wherever there are urgent needs.

In Malta, we have 5 kindergarten schools, 3 primary schools and a secondary School, while in Gozo we have 3 kindergartens and a primary school. One sister is employed with Centralised offices for the Secretariat for Catholic Education.

We also work for the well being of the elderly and sick.  In Malta, we have three Homes for the Elderly run by the sisters in collaboration of lay workers.  We aim to create a serene and familiar environment, as we seek to cultivate the Franciscan Spirit.

We have a hostel in London, where we offer accommodation to the Maltese patients and their relatives who are sent by the Maltese Government for treatment abroad.  The sisters are known for their warm welcome while providing meals and transportation to and from hospitals and clinics.  They are appreciated for the support they continually give to both the patients and their relatives.

In Malta and Gozo, we also cater to the local church by preparing hosts for the Eucharistic celebration.

With ardent and discreet zeal, we commit ourselves to spread, among those whom we meet in our apostolate, devotion to the Heart of Jesus in the Eucharist, showing them the richness of His merciful Love.


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