Our Formation

The Postulancy


The specific aim of the postulancy is to give the candidate the opportunity of a progressive vocational discernment.  When a candidate shows that she possesses the necessary dispositions to live the religious Franciscan life, she will be accepted to start her postulancy.



The Novitiate


The purpose of the novitiate, by which religious living in the Congregation begins, is to give the novices a greater understanding of their religious vocation proper to our Congregation, experiencing its way of life, forming their minds and hearts according to the Franciscan spirit and the charism of our founders.

The Novitiate lasts two years.  Normally, the first year is the canonical year and is carried out according to the norms of the common law.  The second-year is the institutional year and is carried out according to the norms of the Congregation.


Temporary Profession


Having completed the two years of the novitiate, the novice, if judged suitable, will be admitted to the religious profession.  Religious profession consecrates the novice to God through the ministry of the Church, and commits her by a public promise, to observe the evangelical counsels of chastity, poverty, and obedience according to the Rule and the Constitutions of the Congregation.



The Juniorate


The junior, enriched with the grace of the Profession, will be encouraged to live her religious consecration fully, offering her whole self through her human, Christian and religious qualities, to the service of God and of the Church, through her community.

The community of which the junior is a member, offers her the authentic Franciscan environment, the opportunity to live a positive experience of the vows and of fraternal life and the occasion to assume responsibilities and initiatives that lead her to a sound and enlightened obedience.

The commitment of the junior is to progress in the practice of the virtues every day, according to the charism of the Congregation, so that she can become, in heart and spirit an authentic Franciscan Sister of the Heart of Jesus.



Perpetual Profession


At the end of this phase, the young nun takes her perpetual vows and dedicates her whole life to the Lord. She is then sent by the Provincial Superior to begin her mission with God’s people, exercise her gifts and talents while living her life according to the norms of our Congregation.



Permanent Formation


The commitment of the formation of the religious sister does not end with the perpetual profession; it continues through the gradual maturity of the gift of her personal vocation and through the continual deepening of her identity in conformity to God’s plan.

Each member is primarily responsible for her own formation.  Therefore, she commits herself in a trustful and humble spirit, to enrich herself constantly to become always ready to respond to the calls made to the Congregation by the Holy Spirit.  Periodically, the Congregation offers moments of renewal and formation.

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